The Artizans of wood are passionate about using local materials, we’ve all done our time in native British woods and although now we spend more days putting timbers up our roots are still in the coppice.

Our materials do literally grow on tree’s but it’s not the fairies that deliver them in the night! Someone fells, someone extracts, someone mills and by keeping the materials local there is an obvious benefit to the local rural economy and the management of local woodland. Native British woodlands are a vastly neglected sustainable resource, we’re here to show you what can be done with the tree’s growing just outside your door.
That’s why where 
possible we encourage clients to use their own timber in construction, it keeps the building very local and very personal. Over the years we’ve realised that such a strong and positive attachment is created between the building and the owner when you can look at your building and remember it as trees.  


Current Projects
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